AirBnB Easy Host
Property management services for AirBnB hosts
We are here to help you manage your rentals, optimize your rental capacity and take care of your guests when you can't.
Managing your vacation rentals is a lot of work. Let us take care of all the hassle for you.
How It Works & Benefits
All hosts encountered many problems renting out their villas. Being a host can be a full time job if you want to do it properly, so we are here to help you.

We are familiar with how AirBnB works from both host and guest sides and with all the challenges involved.

We take care of all the hassles and duties of being an AirBnB host for you
Let me and my team help you manage your rentals, optimize your rental capacity and take care of your guests when you can't.

Your listings will be managed for you stress free, while you get consistent bookings and earn 30% more.

Our main goal is provide excellent customer service to ensure guests satisfaction.

While managing your properties we try not to involve property owner personally unless it's really necessary.

We provide full-service in-person management or your AirBnB property listings and concierge-type assistance for your guests.

Our services are aimed at landlords and villa owners or leaseholders who don't have the time to list and manage all their properties personally and those who don't live in Bali full time and have properties they want to rent out but can't physically manage them.

As your personal AirBnB assistant we will help you manage your short and long term rentals by providing host and guest services for your vocational property.

We help AirBnB power players provide outstanding hospitality service's for guests in exchange for a cut of the booking fees.

Our friendly and helpful host representatives committed to providing exceptional service.

We take pride in making people feel welcome when they stay at one of your properties. It is always a pleasure to share great passion for this amazing island with visitors.
We take care of all guest relations from check in to checkout and everything in between 24/7 anytime and answer any guest's requests quickly and professionally.

We can increase your increase occupancy rate and average payout while finding ways to cut your maintenance expenses.

Our service as a marketing advantage for the hosts and property owners.

Customers often commit to the first host who replies to their queries, meaning that timely response can make the difference between a place sitting empty or generating money.

Faster Replies Leads to More Bookings
Оn average, Airbnb guests look at 3-4 properties before making a reservation. It's often the first host to reply who gets the booking.
We reply to inquiries around the clock, within minutes, so you can get booked even when you sleep.

Our Services
Optimize your AirBnB Listings for More Consistent Bookings

Your AirBnB profile and listings optimization for increased visibility in search results and more consistent bookings. M
ake your profile and listing more attractive and rank higher by AirBnB criteria.

We update and promote your listings and we automatically updates calendars, for optimal pricing

We provide intelligence for hosts on better managing their rentals and help vacation rental hosts make more money through market analysis and dynamic pricing.

Price analysis and based on tracking nearby competitors prices and occupancy, and work out reasonable pricing of your listings together with you.

Perform daily updates of your calendar to make your listing appear higher in search results and other search ranking optimization to get you more inquiries.

Respond to booking inquiries 24/7 within 30 mins, answer any questions guest may have by using data from your message history and other resources.

Arrange airport pickup
or provide directions on how to get to your place by taxi. Check in guests to the villa, provide villa instructions, travel advice, help with directions, supply guests with all the information they need about your property.

Deal with guests directly from inquiry to check out from key exchanges, to cleaning, to repairs, and anything in between.

Handle guest reviews and remind guests for a 5 star villa review.

If you are new to AirBnB we help you convert spaces for AirBnB use, offer professional copy writing for your listing and oversee guest relations.

Handle All Guest Communication
We respond to booking requests and inquiries 24/7, screen guests according to your criteria, and answer all guest questions before, during, and after reservations.

Negotiating with potential Guests
We do our best to finaliaze the deal by negotiating with potential guests to fit into guests budget if it is possible but newer going lower that the price discuss with you.
for the guests we offer last minute or group discounted special rates and/or additional freebies to get the deal and ways to make a deposit for early bookings to reserve dates in future.

Perform guest screening, follow up pre approved guests, guide AirBnB first timers through payment process, accept bookings communicate with AirBnB support.

Coordinating & Supervising your villa staff and contractors maintenance personnel to manage guests urgent complains, arrange key swap between the guest and key holder, supervise cleaning and turnover service before the next guest arrival.

Schedule Cleanings
We coordinate with the cleaning service of your choice to make sure that your place is clean and that your guests have the instructions they need for accessing it

Handle problem solving
answer and manage any urgent guest complaints & coordinate with maintenance personnel.

We provide 24/7 coverage to quickly handle guests complains, contact cleaners and solve problems.
Check In's & Check Out's
One of our managers will personally handle check in and check out process for you: personally meet guests, provide them with house instructions and keys, make a guests passport's photocopy and get house rules signed, provide nearby area directions along with any other personal assistance guests may need during their stay and make sure guests are satisfied.
Full Service Property Management
We take care of all communication with guests, cleaning arrangement and supervising, check-ins and check-out's, listing management, supplies restock, decor advice, photography, check-in, gift basket, key exchange, property marketing, meet, greet and get guests settled
Concierge services and hotline
for your guests including advice on best beaches, must see attractions, dining, shopping and night out options, arrange sightseeing tours and activities, restaurant reservations driver service, car, bike or bicycle rentals, local sim card and internet setup, surf lessons & surf boards rental, in-villa yoga classes, professional photography service, chef service, cooking classes, workshops, tickets & transfers to must see attractions & activities.
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